Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Michael Bloomberg’s Wealth? As It Allows Non-Democrat Bloomberg To Buy The “Democratic” Party, And That Wealth Buys A Lack of Scrutiny, It Is Time To Look Again At Its Suspect Origins

Overlaid charts from Noticing New York 2014 article, reshaped to show how Bloomberg's increasing annual wealth at the time makes the increasing annual average wealth of the rest of the "Forbes 400" look virtually flat by comparison- Anything suspect about this?  Read the 2014 article.
 While Michael Bloomberg was New York city mayor, Noticing New York had cause to cover him extensively, including how he used money to control and censor information about himself.

As Bloomberg’s wealth is now being used to buy the “Democratic” party from its corporatist leaders, thus only reiterating how those leaders are actually non-Democrat Duopolists, it is time to go back and look at the suspect origins of the money flows Michael Bloomberg controls.  Now, as when Bloomberg was mayor, that money is being used to buy a lack of scrutiny and a lot of false myth making about Bloomberg. .  So that’s another reason to go back and look at how money flowed into Bloomberg’s hands after he announced his intent to hold political office.

I will be writing a lot more about this soon in Noticing New York to bring things up to date, but for the meantime it is important to know where Noticing New York’s articles left off, with this last article in 2014 about Bloomberg’s wealth increases.
One Last Check As Mayor Leaves Office- Bloomberg’s Increasing Annual Wealth: 1996 to 2013, Plus Updates On His Annual “Charitable” Giving,  January 18, 2014.
When Bloomberg first announced his interest in running in this race for the Democratic nomination, I tweeted in October:
Emoluments Clause violations Round 2: Michael Bloomberg, who threatens to step in to replace departing Biden, did with his terminals what Trump does with his hotels, amassing inexplicable wealth as NYC mayor.