Thursday, February 12, 2009

We Turn Newsweek’s “Conventional Wisdom” on Bloomberg Upside Down: “Good” is Bad

Newsweeks’ February 9, 2009 edition’s “Conventional Wisdom Watch” (p. 14) declares with a Arrow-up for Bloomberg:

NYC mayor quiets critics with $239 mil. in ‘08 charitable gifts. Now rebuild Ground Zero.
Wrong! Bloomberg’s “charitable gifts” hasn’t quieted us as his critic. Quite the opposite. In fact, news of his 2008 “charitable gifts” (Newsweek fails to mention the $239 million puts Bloomberg #1 ahead of all other dispensers of “charitable gifts”) has been, for us, the occasion of detailed and wary criticism because Bloomberg misuses his “charitable gifts” for political ends.

(We concur that Bloomberg isn’t doing a good job rebuilding Ground Zero.- That sounds like more unsilenced criticism in itself!)

For our unsilenced criticism on the subject of Bloomberg and his “charitable gifts” you might want to see the following:

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