Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Post That is Just a Bit Montesquieued

(Charles de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu)

We thought we found the New York Times editorial page today sounding rather like Noticing New York except the Times never sounds like us when its subject is the Atlantic Yards megadevelopment, that project being done by the Times' eminent domain-abusing business partner Forest City Ratner. In fact, the Times today was addressing another very serious matter. This is some of what the Times had to say:
The ruling distorts precedent and the Constitutional separation of powers to deny justice . . . and give officials a pass for egregious misconduct. The overt disregard for the central role of judges in policing executive branch excesses has frightening implications for safeguarding civil liberties, as four judges suggested in dissenting opinions.
To find out what the Times was writing about read Editorial: A National Disgrace (November 11, 2009). To find out how it resembles what we were saying about Atlantic Yards this week see: Judicial Review of Atlantic Yards Corruption: Laws Should Not Be A "Dead Letter"(Tuesday, November 10, 2009).

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