Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In the Footprint’s Composer/Lyricist, Michael Friedman, Was Previously an Urban Planning Consultant!

Catching up with our theater-going led to several surprising discoveries. One of them is that Michael Friedman, the composer/lyricist of "In the Footprint" the currently playing musical play about Atlantic Yards by the investigative theater troupe The Civilians, was previously an "urban planning consultant"! Gosh Golly, talk about overqualifying for a job dramatizing an urban disaster. Mr. Friedman certainly has all the bases covered. In fact, more of what we found out concerns just how many more bases he has got covered this fall.

For more about what we discovered read the portion of our recent and still evolving post (Adding A few More Off Topic Notes (Or Are They Really?)) that appears under the heading “Bloody Bloody Coincidence.” (It follows what we previously wrote about "In the Footprint" itself.)

As we warned initially, the post we are sending you to is one we have been adding to bit by incremental bit. Other additions you may find if you are perusing it, is information about Lena Dunham’s film, “Tiny Furniture,” under the heading “Rabbit Redux?” and information about Thomas Wolfe’s Brooklyn Heights residence under the heading that mentions “How Eminent Domain Haunts the Prokhorov/Ratner Basketball Arena.”

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