Friday, May 13, 2011

Notice About “National Notice”

Noticing New York readers may be interested to know that it isn’t just all about “Noticing New York” any more. I have started another site, “National Notice” (banner logo subject to change). Sometimes, when I have things to say they just aren’t appropriate items to bend the ears of Noticing New York readers with. In other words, the central theme of what I want to say is not about development in New York and the associated (frequently dirty) politics.

Mostly, the other issues I find myself attracted to involve national politics and, in that regard, what likely makes good economic sense as national policy always intrigues me. If you go to “National Notice” you may find that the issues discussed, even if they do not directly discuss New York City development issues (and hence have been invited to this new territory), nevertheless echo the themes frequently presented in Noticing New York posts, that life could be better for the general population if the wealthy and privileged held a little less sway over policy, decision making and distribution of resources.

Perhaps this will be a salve, if on a slow day you are hungry for a new Noticing New York post you don’t find and are willing to settle for something similar but a little bit different. And, inevitably I expect, the two discussions (with some meaty recommended links) will converge when many topics get discussed.

For an initial introduction you may be interested in this review of economic issues affecting the national real estate market (it does not go into why New York City, benefitting from the direct federal support received by Wall Street since the 2008 economic downturn, is currently in a somewhat different boat from the rest of the country):
Friday, May 13, 2011
Inflation That's Causing Deflation: Some Not So Very Good News For the Real Estate
Right now, the just started National Notice doesn’t Google very high, something I hope to address in time. (It’s already going up.) If you would like to help in this regard and there are articles you see that you like, please feel free to assist by sending links to your friends.

For Noticing New York readers may this be the start of a long and beautiful expansion of our relationship. See you over at the other place from time to time.

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