Friday, October 14, 2011

Nationally Noticing That I’m “Not THAT Michael White”: Visiting Occupy Wall Street and How I Know The Economy Is Bad (For the 99%)

Noticing New York readers will probably want to read another post I’ve written about visiting the Occupy Wall Street protestors in Zucotti Park, but to read this one you need to visit National Notice, Noticing New York’s sister blog that targets its focus on national policy issues: See: Not THAT Michael White: Visiting Occupy Wall Street and How I Know The Economy Is Bad (For the 99%).

The National Notice post explains what I mean when I say “I’m not THAT Michael White” (at least THIS time) and describes the special personal barometer I’m equipped with that lets me know that the economy is bad for the 99%.

If you are wondering, although I zero in on national issues comprehensively in this National Notice post it also addresses issues like Atlantic Yards that are of special concern to Noticing New York readers and New Yorkers while resonating with surprising reliability with numerous national issues. What also makes these issues special for New Yorkers and something to be noticed by Noticing New York is that Wall Street is located here in this city. Does that mean that we New Yorkers should all take cheer because of the benefit we get from rubbing shoulders with the 1%? Read through to the conclusion and you’ll know my thoughts on that subject.
(Above, "I think outside my box" OWS protester.)

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