Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yes It’s All Connected: “Rejecting The Politics of Deceit,” “ Repudiation of . . The Politics of Fear, Intolerance and Disinformation”

It expresses an opinion. . .

    . . . It favors “rejecting the politics of deceit”

    . . . It endorses “repudiation of . . . the politics of fear, intolerance and disinformation” . . .

    . . .repudiation of “trickle-down economics” . .
        . . . It acknowledges that a significant preponderance of the voters believe “taxes should be raised either on the rich or on everyone.”

Is it Norman Oder’s Atlantic Yards Report?  Perhaps specifically his “Atlantic Yards and the Culture of Cheating” series?

Certainly sounds like that could be the case and it so easily could be. . . But that’s not what it is.

What it is, is the editorial run by the New York Times, which the Times itself likely considers one of the most important it runs, one that runs every four years, the editorial commenting on the outcome of Tuesday’s presidential election, the year titled “President Obama’s Success” (November 6, 2012) and, in the print edition, subtitled “A victory based on jobs, spreading the tax burden and rejecting the politics of deceit.”

This is just to say, once again, what I keep trying to remind people of: That everything is connected and that the New York Times’ good reporting about so much else is undermined and misses comprehensive perspective when its reporting about the scandals of the Atlantic Yards mega-monopoly is biased, incomplete and poor.

In the larger scheme of things it’s all part and parcel of a much bigger story.

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Appearing teasingly is a search of the Times site, words that were were the editorial's subheading don't appear in the editorial itself on the Times website
But wait. .  Maybe the Times election outcome editorial doesn’t actually endorse “rejecting the politics of deceit” or repudiating “the politics of fear, intolerance and disinformation.”  The style of the editorial is an unusual one that can only be employed at election time: Whatever may be implied and unusual though it may be, at no time does the editorial say what the Times as paper of record thinks. . .  It is only recites in favorable-sounding terms what the voters decreed as their state of mind.  Something else that is interesting: the subheading in the print edition, “A victory based on jobs, spreading the tax burden and rejecting the politics of deceit,” doesn’t appear as part of the online editorial; you can only find it on the web in the teaser summaries leading to it when you search the Times site.  That deletion of a reference to deceit is a little like the way we can find ghostly remnants of the article the Times recently deleted that reported criticism of the Ratner/Prokhorov “Barclays” arena when it opened.

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