Wednesday, January 9, 2013

National Notice Article About Bloomberg Equating New York Teachers Union With NRA

From the New York section of Monday's New York Times
Readers of Noticing New York will know that in the context of covering real estate and development policy in the city I often provide contextual background stories debunking the myths of beneficence and competence cultivated by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  I’ve written another such article (Wednesday, January 9, 2013, A Teachable Moment: Bloomberg Veers Off Course In Gun Violence Prevention Debate) but I published it under the National Notice banner because it was, in part, a follow-up to an earlier National Notice article I wrote about gun violence prevention policy (Monday, December 31, 2012, Guns As The Solution To Guns? A Meditation on Corporate Solutions In General).

Noticing New York readers might be interested in the new article that also concerns Bloomberg’s relationship with the New York City teachers union (he commented that the union is like the NRA) and city education policy in general.  Gun violence prevention is also something that is going to get even more attention in New York in the coming days as Governor Cuomo made it one focal point of his State of the State address today.

For those readers who may not have caught up, in addition to writing Noticing New York I write National Notice when I am addressing subjects that principally involve national matters and policy, but I have always found that as the aforementioned articles may illustrate the themes of articles appearing under each of the two banners tend to be remarkably consonant, overlapping and integrated.  So Noticing New York readers may have an interest in popping over to read National Notice from time to time.   Noticing New York and National Notice also both have their own Facebook pages which can be "liked" to get notice of new articles.

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