Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Asked To Name Subway Station After Ed Koch MTA Says It Doesn’t Name Subway Stations After People. . . . Only Nefarious Banks Like Barclays

 (click to enlarge) The poster we'd like to see in the Barclays subway stations
Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan) is seeking to have the Lexington Avenue 77th Street Subway stop named after former mayor Ed Koch. . .

. . . Says the MTA:  “We do not rename subway stations after people.”   But the system does rename subway stations after corporations, no matter how disreputable they are, including the Barclays Bank.  (See Daily News on the Kock request and MTA response: MTA puts brakes on naming subway station after former Mayor Ed Koch,  ‘We do not rename subway stations after people,’ says MTA spokesman, by Ginger Otis, Peter Moskowitz and Pete Donohue, Monday, February 4, 2013.)

For more about renaming subway stations after corporations of not-so-resplendent reputation, including Barclays Bank, see:
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Here, hot off the presses, is the latest New York Times story about Barclays Bank misconduct in the selling of securities: Barclays Sets Aside $1.6 Billion More for Legal Costs, (Legal/Regulatory), by Merk Scott and Julia Werdiger, February 5, 2013.
Above (click to enlarge), the Barclays subway station as we'd like to see it, with a poster quoting a New York Times article

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