Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Video: “Don’t Kill Coney” - A Message From Coney Island’s Mayor!

God bless Dick Zigun and hooray for the technology of the internet! A new video outlining the flaws in the City plan and possible solutions has been put together by Coney Island’s unofficial “Mayor” Dick Zigun. With the City Planning Board deadline looming for early next week, this is something Noticing New York readers will want to pass along and have all their friends take action on. Prompt action please!

The video is quickly informative and part of the fun is to see Bloomberg wearing a little king crown.

The new video and other quick-take-action links are available at Save Coney Island.

One point of clarification: Noticing New York believes that no plan at all is much better than the city plan if the city plan is not fixed in all the ways it needs to be. Further, while 27 acres of open air amusements are the absolute minimum that should be provided (the city plan currently provides only 12 acres) the area provided for open air amusements should really be even bigger than that.

If you want to read and research more deeply about the situation or want ammunition when contacting your City Council members these Noticing New York links will assist:

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