Friday, July 10, 2009

Will Thompson Kick It Off Right In Brooklyn?

(Image from Bill Thompson, Democrat for Mayor Site-

Here is some news. Bill Thompson, City Comptroller and candidate for mayor (endorsed by the Working Families Party last night) will be in Brooklyn at Borough Hall tomorrow morning to start a five borough tour.

Brooklyn should perhaps be flattered that Thompson is starting with Brooklyn. Does that bespeak a certain preeminence?

But having started with Brooklyn, will Thompson get the Brooklyn issues right? Will Thompson distinguish himself as the anti-Bloomberg? A real alternative to what everyone doesn’t like about Bloomberg? For instance, what does Thompson think about the Bloomberg administration’s incompetent plan for Coney Island? An even more acid test will be how Mr. Thompson behaves with respect to the much-hated Atlantic Yards mega-boongoggle. Will he have the sense to align himself against the project as all the other local politicians are doing? (See: City Council candidates don't support AY project, May 08, 2009.)

It should be easy for Thompson to come up with some stiff criticism of the Atlantic Yards mega-project now, given the project’s complete degeneration and the recent execrable and easy-to-target multi-mullion dollar giveaways to Forest City Ratner by the self-impoverishing MTA and ESDC.

Yes, Noticing New York, as is its wont, is zeroing in on development issues. Sure, there are other issues of importance but aren’t development issues truly key for the anti-Bloomberg candidates to distinguish themselves from Bloomberg? The other candidates for mayor, Tony Avella and Billy Talen, appreciate this thoroughly. If Thompson doesn’t. . . Forget it, man! Also if he can’t recognize Atlantic Yards as the city’s number one boondoggle then we are really due to be raked over the financial coals if he ever gets elected.

Let’s see what we hear from Mr. Thompson tomorrow.

Here is the information about Thompson’s appearance tomorrow morning (Saturday, July 11):


Bill Thompson will launch a five week citywide tour of the neighborhoods that have been ignored by Mike Bloomberg, on Saturday at 11:30 AM at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Thompson will be joined by a number of supporters including elected officials, community leaders and volunteers

Date: Saturday, July 11, 2009
Time: 11:30 AM
Place: Brooklyn Borough Hall

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