Monday, May 11, 2015

Mayor de Blasio, Rejecting Advice, Won't Properly Fund Libraries And Sets Himself Up For Problems at His "Progressive Contract With America" Press Conference Tomorrow

During his campaign for mayor, de Blasio on NYC libraries: "once again we see, lurking right behind the curtain, real estate developers who are very anxious to get their hands on these valuable properties." He'd joined with Citizens Defending Libraries of which I am a co-founder.
Thursday, de Blasio released his new NYC budget. Against all advice he couldn't spare a few pennies for the libraries. Instead the idea is that we have to sell off our libraries in order to have money for a rainy day.

More about why that's a big problem for him at his press conference tomorrow via National Notice here:  De Blasio’s “Progressive Contract With America”: Big Problem- It looks Like A Plan to “Progressively Contract America” When He’s Selling NYC Libraries Including The Tillary Clinton Library Next To Hillary’s Office.

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